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NEW RELEASE - 6th Fallschirmjager

The German paratroopers established a reputation in Crete as an elite force. A battalion commander now led a new Fallschirmjager regiment~ deployed to Normandy in the spring of 1944 to the very area where the US Paratroopers were to drop on D Day. This DVD will tell the story of this regiment~ one that was more like a pocket division than a regiment~ and its six day battle around the base of the Cotentin Peninsula to prevent the effective link up between Omaha and Utah Beaches. Using the established and popular style of expert interviews~ pieces filmed on the ground where the battle happened~ illustrated with contemporary re-enactment footage and numerous maps~ the story of the part played by the 6th Fallschirmjager in the key engagements against the 101st Airborne Division around Saint-Come-du-Mont~ the flooded marshes and the key town of Carentan will be told in graphic and controversial detail.

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