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The English Civil War (16421651) was a series of armed conflicts and political machinations between Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and Royalists (Cavaliers) over, principally, the manner of England's government. The first (164246) and second (164849) wars pitted the supporters of King Charles I against the supporters of the Long Parliament, while the third (164951) saw fighting between supporters of King Charles II and supporters of the Rump Parliament. The war ended with the Parliamentarian victory at the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651. The overall outcome of the war was threefold: the trial and execution of Charles I; the exile of his son, Charles II; and the replacement of English monarchy with, at first, the Commonwealth of England (164953) and then the Protectorate (165359) under Oliver Cromwell's personal rule. Thus one inefficient dictator was replaced with an efficient dictator. This led to the Restoration of the monarchy with Charles II in 1660. BHTV will be producing a series of films charting the progress of the the Civil War.