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Historians and Programme Makers

One of the reasons we started BHTV was our frustration, as historians, at not being able to get our programme ideas for the tiny number of terrestrial or even satellite, military history slots, through the network commissioners. A further frustration is, of course, seeing the superficial nature and clear padding out of most programmes that do actually get made. If you are:

  • A historian or an interest group with a story to tell or issue to highlight
  • Have a programme made and you would like to market it to a world wide audience
  • A programme maker looking to produce military history programmes and for a means of getting them seen by viewers

With our new ability to be able to stream video of any length you should consider please BHTV as a route to broadcast.

We screen programmes that fit within our broad definition of military history, cater for the specialist military history market and can not be found elsewhere. This means that making, niche programmes, that would not be considered viable for the terrestrial or satellite networks to show, are viable propositions for BHTV.

Historians or Interest Groups

If you have astory you wish to tell, BHTV Production can assist you in making programmes for internet broadcast, to a budget that few production companies are able to match. It will not be dumbed down or unduly sensationalised by network editorial policy; your story will be told as good history.

BHTV Production can help with all aspects from story boarding and scripting, through the shoot to post-production. Each programme will have its own web page and accept reciprocal links to other websites and sales opportunities.
Don't forget that we accept short reports for our Battlefield News service which is a good way of highlighting events, issues of concern or interest to the military history community.
Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Programme Owners

We are working with a number of owners of military history programmes, who are either seeking a new market for an old programme or are having little success of marketing as a video.

Programme Makers

Students and New Media Professionals

If you are a military historian or interested in history so much the better but if not, we are often able to place students and newly qualified professionals to work on projects under the supervision of our experienced producers. Working with BHTV your will ensure that your work will be seen by the public and other production teams.


Each relationship is different, in some cases we are providing a full production team in others simply taking the product and encoding it for internet broadcast.


BHTV strive to get away from the impossibly costly production model of much of the industry. We seek to shrink wrap the process, doubling up the functions of director, editor and camera where ever possible, yet delivering a product that will be well received by a military history audience.


Programmes - With our new App we can stream programmes of any length. However we would recommend 60 mins as an ideal length.The latter figure includes titles and credits.

The preferred format for programmes is 16:9, shot in HDV.

Production house logos or college badges may be included in the credits.

All programmes should be submitted in the best format for conversion to WMV (not QuickTime), in as higher resolution as possible. This is in order to facilitate re-encoding at a higher resolution as technology improves.

As a part of the encoding process, digital rights management (DRM) rules are applied to heavily limit the scope for copying the programme, offering better protection to the work than most DVDs. The nature of the DRM rules will dictate the price.

Copyright - This held by those who submit programmes or news items. Equally, they hold full and sole responsibility for ensuring that any IPR issues are addressed and that any copyrighted material included in material submitted to BHTV is used legally, with permission of the copyright holder.


BHTV does not buy in programmes but instead pays a royalty on sales (downloads of programmes) in the same way that publishers pay their authors. This way the risk is spread and it is in the interests of programme makers to actively help build an internet audience for their work.
With our unique business model and partnership schemes, the percentage to be paid as a royalty will depend on the extent of BHTV financial commitment to the project.

DVD versions of the work may be sold