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Advertising on Battlefield History TV
Internet advertising is fast overtaking advertising in the print and TV media. These days traditional advertising just does not give you the same return on your money as it used to. In contrast advertisers on the internet gain access to a rapidly expanding market of users who are speedily converting from browsing to spending. Consumers are piling onto the net, especially onto sites dedicated to their interests.
BHTV offers advertisers highly targeted, high quality access to consumers. The best site to advertise on is a "sticky" site which catches the attention of quality browsers and offers enough quality content to encourage visitors to explore further. BHTV is a prime example of a sticky site.
The interests covered by the site are central to a growing core of "silver surfers" and their burgeoning hobbies. The site offers high quality content on such subjects as history, military history, specific regimental history, particular campaigns, weapons and vehicles, battlefield visits, medals, military modelling, family historians and genealogists.
Visitors to BHTV are often preparing for travel, both general and battlefield touring in particular. They are actively searching for history books, travel guides, maps, transport options and accommodation.
If you are looking to reach this highly targeted market, BHTV can offer you a number of different methods, ranging from simple links, through themed page ads, to a large scale front page presence. In addition, our production department can offer film making linked to you using either sponsorship or branding to focus attention on your product. It must be noted that, in offering this service, BHTV will never compromise the quality of the history and information purveyed.
To contact our marketing department to discuss all the options available to you, click this link or call Tom Dormer on 07951 727319.