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BATTLEFIELD HISTORY TV is a Broadband/Internet TV channel which has just relaunched (December 2016) utilising the latest App technology to stream programmes to you. The Channel is dedicated to all periods of history and programming genres that fit within the widest definition of military history. Initially launched in summer 2008, as a view on demand (VOD) Channel showing a wide variety of specialist programmes it covers a wide range of subject areas that would not normally be entertained or only covered superficially by terrestrial or satellite/cable channels

The number of our programmes, using the twenty-four-hour availability of the web, has grown and will continue to grow into a unique archive of historical information and resource for all those with an interest in military history, be they family historians, war-gamers, battlefield tourers, students of particular battles or campaigns and military modellers. Some of our programmes are still available on DVD from Pen and Sword Digital.

Whilst most our content is produced by our in-house production team, the flexibility of our platform allows us to stream content by any external producer whose material suits our channel. 

BHTV also undertakes not to bombard viewers with intrusive advertising but discretely place information about products and services that are related to our output.